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If you would like to see your salary potential as a New Jersey educator proceed directly to our salary potential page.  The salary potential tool allows you to easily visualize salary versus experience of New Jersey teachers and administrators. This tool also illustrates the impact of an advanced degree on salary.

If you would like to compare the salaries of different positions within the New Jersey education sytem check out our salary comparison page. The salary comparison tool allows you to compare salaries of different positions within the New Jersey education system. Look up your own job or find your salary potential with an advanced degree. Salaries of both teachers and administrations positions can be researched here.

JerseySalary.com is a free service to you with no login required.  Our only request is that after exploring the tools within let us know how we can improve the usefulness and reach of our tools.  We greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions and look forward to improving our site for you.

Below is an example of the results you will see from our salary potential tool:

Salary Potential Tool


For our salary comparison tool, here are some example comparisons to get you started:

Comparison of Kindergarten Teachers to High School Principals

Comparison of Elementary School Principals to High School Principals

Comparison of Math Teachers with Bachelor degrees to those with Masters degrees

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